start an online business How do you decide which product to choose?

start an online business Factors in deciding to choose a product for an online store

1. Competitive conditions in the market

Choose a market in the category of products that do not have many competitors. because of being a new A newcomer enters a highly competitive market. It might put us at a disadvantage from the beginning. Therefore, we should choose a market with few competitors. However, if you can’t choose Or if we really want to sell products in a

market with a lot of competitors, we need to work hard to come up with a different and distinctive marketing strategy to attract customers’ attention.

2. Difficulty in finding products

If the product we want to sell Can be easily purchased in the general market. There would be no reason that customers will have to buy those products from us through the online world, such as if customers want to buy soap or facial foam Just go out to the convenience store. or mini mart I can buy it. If we really want to sell this type of

product, we have to make a difference. or has a distinctive feature that the product in the market does not have, for example, it may be a handmade product or high quality or may contain herbal ingredients or specials that the products in the market do not have

Have an understanding of the target audience

to sell the product Must clearly understand the online shopping behavior of the target audience. For example, if we have a target group of teenagers We should think that most of them are Maybe don’t have a credit card yet. We may need to offer other payment methods. more to meet his needs. or if we open an online clothing store for

the elderly Most of them are not well versed in the use of very complex technologies. Therefore, we should adjust our online store to be easy to use in a way that is suitable for the elderly, etc.

4. Durability of the product

The fragility or breakage of the products that we will sell online It might create problems for us. This type of product It may cost us more in transportation than usual. and the likelihood that the product will break There was also a lot of damage. Therefore, this type of product must be packaged with special equipment. whether it is

shockproof material or a box that is strong and durable All of these things are considered costs that must be added to the price of the product as well. Online business operators must be aware. And should not overlook the matter of this packaging is strictly prohibited. Especially with fragile products, because if the product is damaged

during transportation It is still considered the responsibility of the seller anyway. Disclaimer and toss the burden of the shipping company. This may cause customers to feel bad and affect the image of our online store. Factors that help us choose products to sell It is the heart of online business ever. Choosing the wrong product can ruin a

business before it even starts selling. If you are interested in building an online business. from start to success

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