Personal business and mistakes that shouldn’t happen

Personal business and mistakes that shouldn’t happen in online businesses

  1. Lack of updating product details on the website.

    in making an online store Up-to-date product information in our store is always up-to-date. It is very important. Whether it’s updating inventories, new products, or even out-of-stock products. When and how will it come in again? For example, when the product that the customer wants to order is out of stock. He may have to waste time

asking the shop owner directly. When will the products be re-introduced? which these problems may cause our children to feel inconvenient to waste time asking And in order not to have such an unsatisfactory experience with customers. Therefore, we should

inform on the web page which items are out of stock. or that product will be restocked Or bring it back to sell again when?

2. The website takes too long to load.

customers in the internet age Want something fast? Not even in the selection. or order products through various websites If they have to wait too long to load the website. May cause him to lose patience and turn to order from other websites, even though our

website has many interesting products. But remember that the customer is not up to the patience to sit and wait, we have

3 sellers impatience.

Although we have clearly stated the details of the products and payment terms on the website. But there will be some types of customers who do not like to read details. but will use the method to ask directly to us Which is often the same question that we have answered many times. Sometimes these questions can cause annoyance to the seller

But if we love to be in online business We should be willing to answer questions. by not swinging Absolutely do not twerk at customers. no matter how frustrated It will adversely affect the image of our business over the long term

4. Late submissions frequently.

before the customer pays for the product should make sure that We have that kind of product in stock. In order to inform the exact delivery time to the customer to the customer procrastination or postpone the deadline will make customers feel distrusted or think to the extent that We might be cheating on him. For the event of force majeure

making it unable to deliver It is advisable to call the customer directly instead of sending an email. or send message This is to make customers feel that we care about them.

5. Refuse to exchange damaged products.

When the customer has lost money to buy the product They want quality products. In the event that the product has a problem or damage caused by the seller or damaged during delivery Sellers should be willing to exchange products for customers to show their sincerity. and responsibility This will be able to impress customers ever. Let’s go

back and consider it. Whether our online business is in a cycle of one of these errors? If it falls within any one of the above, it should be corrected immediately. Because these errors will cause our business to lose credibility. and ultimately negatively affect sales.

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